Perry Headshot 2

 Perry Damone, Founder

As a radio broadcaster for over thirty-five years, I  wanted to give back to the community and to our children by using all that I have learned from the wonderful experiences.  Every day it seems when I turn on the news there are more horrible situations where kids are in trouble. It is just heartbreaking. Kidstar provides an opportunity where none would otherwise exist, where we can get kids involved at an early age and help mold their character and instill a value system that will let them Since 1987, The Kidstar Program has been helping children find their voice and giving them a positive direction towards their future. Not only do the kids “Do It All,” such as becoming sportscasters, on air hosts,  producers, engineers, interviewers – every task those involved in radio media perform – they are building character. They learn they can be an integral part of their community Kidstar touches the lives of thousands of children and young adults and makes a positive difference within their lives that will carry them throughout their lifetime.


[Perry Damone, Founder of KDSTR Radio Corporation, passed away in December of 2014.  He wrote this to several years ago to encapsulate his dream and vision.]