What is Kidstar?

  • Kidstar is a 30 year old Kidstar is an empowerment program.  We teach our youth life skills through the medium of Radio
  • Our program started with low-power FM. We are now using internet radio and the most powerful automation platform on the planet.
  • You can find us on TuneIn.  The link is on the home page.

What is Kidstar 2.0?

  • To expand our reach we are in the process of committing the program to computer based training, webinars and video conferencing.
  • One-on-one meetings, On-site training are available.
  • Kidstar 2.0 is available to schools, after-school programs, community organizations, Boys and Girls clubs, Individuals and  . . . (The program is fully customize-able.)

What is the age range for Kidstar Kids?

  • 9 - 19
  • The best age to start is 9 - 14 as it is a multi-year program and the effectiveness is enhanced with experience.
  • We have specialized programs operating outside of these age parameters.

How does the program work?

  • Essentially the kids involved in the program will run a internet based radio station.  Everything, including news, sports, weather and special interest programming.  The special interest programming essentially is a "learn to podcast" unit where the child is taught the skills of the interview.  There will also be a Sales unit, "How to monetize your podcast."  This will involve the creation of commercial content as well.  The podcasts will be archived and available on demand. For those more technically inclined there are there is an Operations Unit and a Program Director Unit where you learn how to 

What will it cost?

  • There is a licensing rate for schools - $7600 per year or $760 a month.  This involves a dedicated radio channel for your school or community organization. Schools and community organizations will be considered Kidstar Affiliates. Contributors will be eligible for Media Pass credentials.  (We have a pre-launch special running until December 31, 2016 that includes a 50% discount)  This rate includes a full music library and royalty licensing and reporting.
  • For individuals $240 a year or $24 per month.  Individuals will become hosts and contributors to the Kidstar radio station. Member contributors will be eligible for Media Pass credentials.
  • We have needs-based scholarships available.
  • There are a limited number of slots available at a significant discount in our beta program that begins September 1, 2016.
  • At the minimum you will need an internet connection and computer.  A USB headset is recommended.  For community and school installations you should plan on a budget between $1000 and $100,000 (a full studio experience). We have a relationship with a broadcast supply house which will allow us to bid competitively on your equipment needs.

What if I'm too old?

  • We have internships available.

I need community service hours for school.  Do you have a community service program?

  • The short answer is yes.  We have a check list of activities that are considered a service to our community.

Can I cover special events for Kidstar Radio?

  • Again the short answer is yes.  We have had press credentials for many major events and red carpets.  We are planning for more in the future.  Some examples.  Barrett Jackson car auction, Superbowl Media day, NFL Draft.  One kids is a member of the White House Press Pool.  We are working on credentials for this years Superbowl and  the ISA World Surfing Games in 2017 in Costa Rica.

What do you mean by "Box-Free Zone"?

  • When he heard someone say "Think outside the box" our founder Perry Damone would always remind us that "There is no box".  That's why we call our program a Box-Free Zone. Check out our website at www.boxfeezone.com.

Can I broadcast my high school football game?

  • The short answer is absolutely YES we do live events.  Concerts too.

I don't think I can afford it.

  • Don't be so sure.  We have needs-based financing available for your tuition, equipment and for Kidstar sponsored trips and events. We also have fundraising program plans that you can use. Let's talk about it. Remember, THERE IS NO BOX.

What do the November Elections, the 2020 Olympics in Japan, the Costa Rica surfing competition and the Superbowl Media day have in common?

  • We have groups of kids working to represent Kidstar at these events.  Ask us about the credentialling process and become credentialed as a KIDSTAR MEDIA representative at special events.

Our History - Our Shows

  • Dinosaur Detective

  • Kidz & Karz

  • What Up World

  • Paper Hope Street Team

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