What Is The Box Free Zoneboxfree?


At some point in your life you’ve no doubt heard the expression “think outside the box.” But what does this actually mean? And is this really an objective to which one should aspire?

The phrase itself originated in response to a nine-dot puzzle game created in 1969. The player had to connect all nine dots, organized in a grid, using four lines or fewer, without lifting the marker, and without tracing backwards over a line already drawn. Most attempts at a solution create a “box”, which, invariably leaves the user trapped, unable to connect at least one dot. However, the rules do not say that the lines cannot intersect, only that you can’t trace back over a line once drawn. Ultimately, the solution was not to draw a box, but instead create something of a pyramid with the final line connecting the dot in the top left corner to the dot in the bottom right corner, intersecting but not re-tracing an existing line.

By now you’re probably thinking, so what? Or, best case scenario, hmm that’s kind of interesting. Regardless, this is certainly not what you had in mind when hearing people using this popular idiom. The phrase has been co-opted by big business, always on the look-out for “outside the box thinkers.” This usage is metaphorical rather than literal. What they mean is that they want creative solutions to, often, common problems. They want people to “Think Differently”.

Realistically, how many people actually do think differently? And, perhaps more importantly, how many people do you want thinking differently. A huge majority of people, at least within the same culture groups, think largely the same about most issues. They are generally very routine oriented people. They work from 9-5 five days a week, eat three-five meals per day. Their particular forms of entertainment outside of the regular routine might vary, but not dramatically. These people, the majority, are very “inside the box” thinkers.

In truth, neither way of thinking is bad. If you have the sort of creativity, willpower, and drive necessary to succeed as someone who actually thinks “outside the box” then that’s absolutely what you should do. But realize that this is not an easy path, one which only the greatest minds of any given generation truly follow. Just as, working within the box is similarly a totally acceptable, but much more accessible route for most. Most work within the box whether they realize it or not. Most are very comfortable and happy within the box. Here there is a very clear system, certainly one which is more obvious to others, but this system is very easy to recognize and succeed within.

With that in mind, thinking outside the box is something I would not recommend to most. The majority should try to master and thrive within the box in which society has created for them. There can be great comfort in this box.

But what about the people who don’t really fit into either of these groups. People who aren’t the handful of people in a generation who can actually think innovatively and creatively, and, similarly, those who simply don’t find that kind of comfort living “within the box” where the majority of society operates.

This is where KDSTR comes in. Not only have we mastered the box, but we’ve even successfully thought outside of it. At KDSTR we don’t tell people to “think differently” and we don’t try to force them to fit into a box that, for whom, only creates more problems. Most people can’t, or don’t, really think outside of the box. But many others also don’t really fit within the often-unforgiving conditions which accompany operating within the box.

At KDSTR there is no box. We are well aware of the harsh realities associated with living in the world during these tumultuous times, but we also know that everyone has value. What might appear as disadvantageous to others, we see as limitless possibilities and can extract the hidden potential located however deeply within each and every individual. Individual. An idea lost in today’s fast paced race to the bottom filled with those in search of personal gain and wealth accumulation.

We don’t claim to have any simple solutions to life’s complex problems. But we will work with you diligently and thoroughly until you find your niche. We have at least one in our community who is truly an, “outside the box” thinker, as well as several who have mastered working “within the box.” We even have a few who themselves don’t fit well at all on the inside or ‘their’ version of being on the outside of this bizarre social construct. Working with us, we can help you find your place in the world. We can find your talent. We can find a way to help you make the most of your skills. We can help you feel not only like you belong in this world but that you were made for it. “The world is yours,” let us help you make your mark.

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