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What We Value

Creative, Open, Diverse, Confident, Involved, Informed, Empowered

At Kidstar Radio, we foster creativity, openness and diversity by providing a safe environment for children to think and speak their opinions freely.
Kidstar participants share their opinions respectfully and without causing harm to others who might not share their views. Kidstar participants are leaders and have a responsibility to themselves, their families and their communities to always engage with others with dignity.

"Kidstar Radio Network has been an incredible community outreach program for the Orlando Predators.."



"Kidstar has been life changing not only to me as a parent, but to my daughters and the kids that I work with."



"Kidstar means The World to me! "



"Imagine a child.  Now imagine a child that is involved and informed.  Creative and Confident. That child is a Kidstar Kid. "


  • Connor
  • Lindsey
  • Jose
  • Michael
  • Eliana
  • 1,773 Shows
  • 163,859 Hits

Connor is our politician and is a member of the White House Press Pool

With those credentials he was able to attend the Democratic National Convention as a member of the press.

The best part of being part of Kidstar and a member of the White House Press Pool, "Riding on Air Force One".

Lindsey was the host of "Bookworm"

She would read and comment on age appropriate books (well, she does read at an advanced level.)

She has a following in Indonesia. They wanted to practice their English. And listening to her show was part of their class.

José, was not just at the bottom of his class He was at the bottom of the school

When he graduated, in his valedictory address, he said that his first responder/military radio show had saved his life. .

He is a career Marine.


Michael did a cooking show and is now a chef at a major resort.

He started with a cooking show interviewing waiters and waitresses,

Then he started interviewing teachers at a culinary school. By the time he graduated he knew all of the instructors at the school. It made that transition very easy.

Eliana does a cooking show and has published 2 cookbooks with Pelican Books.

She now has her own radio show in New Orleans and will appear on the Food Network soon. She has won numerous awards for her cooking and for her shows.


It took over 8,500 hours to create 1,773 shows

With over 500 people involved that we can count. Over 24,000 listener minutes to our talk shows and live sporting events.;.

This is the number of hits on our website last year.

14,000/ month. With 240 Facebook likes and that number is climbing, and 939 followers on Twitter.

Our Alumni

Kid Chef Eliana

New Orleans-based 16-year-old Kid Chef Eliana (Eliana de Las Casas), award-winning chef, cookbook author, and radio show host, won Food Network’s chopped Teen Tournament. The tournament had 16 teens battling for a cash prize of $25,000.  Eliana's first show on Kidstar, Cool Kids Cook featured creative recipies and interviews of Top Chefs from around the world.

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Andrew Malinski

In 1990 during his 6th grade year at Shumway Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona, Andrew Malinski was known as “Amazing AJ,” one of Kidstar Radio’s DJ’s. He also worked as an engineer, “cueing up records and tapes,” further explaining, that there were “no CDs at that time!” 

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Mark Macluskie

At a young age Mark was diagnosed with medium to severe autism.  At 16 he no longer had autism and co-hosted a weekly Kidstar Radio program "The Tech Team" which boasted 32,000 monthly listeners at it's peak.

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Let's Add Your Story

We are always looking for stories for our Alumni section.  Let's add your story to our collection.

Our History - Our Shows

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  • Angel and Harmony

  • Women Investing in Women and Girls

  • Purple Songs Can Fly

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