Go to Camp without leaving home this summer. A Virtual Summer Camp for middle school kids and older. Over the summer we will build an online radio station from the ground up. Campers will pick the music, do the news, the sports, the weather and everything in between. Campers will work at their own pace and establish their own schedule to work through a series of modular building blocks that in the end will be a complete internet radio station. The camp begins on June 4th and ends on July 13th.

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A VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMPGo to camp this summer and never leave home.

The camp is a building block model. Each day there will be a video conference session at Noon EST, 9AM PST. Then campers will work individually or in small groups to accomplish the task, the building block of the day.
As the camp proceeds campers should expect one-on-one sessions with the instructor or a team leader. The modules will be available in both live and computer-based-training modules so if you need to take a few days off, you can and you won't miss a thing.

As the summer camp proceeds campers will use the skills they have learned from the building blocks presented to create a internet radio station.

Become a Junior Broadcaster Creative, Open, Diverse, Confident, Involved, Informed, Empowered

There Is No Box... Think Outside the Box

Our founder Perry Damone would remind us that we weren't supposed to think outside the box, because THERE IS NO BOX. Our summer camp is just the beginning of what for some has turned into a life long adventure, with Perry and this program that he has entrusted to us. This video is a tribute to him and his work.


1. Equipment

Campers need some basic equipment:
1. A quiet space to work.
2. A computer that is connected to the internet. A wired connection is best for the interactive video conference portion of the camp.
3. A USB Microphone/Headset combination. You can invest hundreds of dollars if you want to but there are units available for less than $50 from any electronics/computer supply store that will be adaquate for this Junior Broadcaster camp. Please make sure that it is USB.

2. Software

The station is entirely web based but some client side software will be used. For example each camper will need their own copy of certain applications. These will be discussed and installed in one of the first sessions.
We will be using Google Classroom and several other Google applications. These are best used in Google Chrome.

3. The Camp Costs

The cost of the summer camp is $320. Of that amount $100 is a non-refundable registration fee which is considered a donation to Kidstar and is tax deductible. The remaining $220 is the cost of the six week summer camp and is also non-refundable once the camp begins. (June 4, 2018) After summer camp is officially over, campers will be invited to continue to the fall program where they can persue their Senior broadcaster status and Ambassador.

The Team

Bruce SolstenDirector & Coach

Bruce is the Executive Director and CEO of KDSTR Radio Corporation. His work history includes radio and television and he was a professional public speaker for 25 years. Bruce started with Kidstar 5 years ago as a volunteer. He is now the primary instructor for the program. He has expanded Kidstar to include a Day-Program for the developmentally disabled and this virtual summer camp.

Victoria RamosAdministrative Assistant & Registrar

I am an Arizona native who has lived all over Arizona, from Mayer to Show Low to Phoenix and back. I graduated from Bradshaw Mountain High school in Prescott Valley in May 2001, and never looked back.
The radio industry has always fascinated me, but I was told once that it was too hard of an industry to get into, so I filed this aspiration away for later. Fast forward to a few years down the road, and I found myself working with radio inadvertently, and the radio bug hit me hard once again. Long story short, I loved it, and developed a knack for it, too. (who knew?)
My ultimate goal is to show others that people with disabilities are able to succeed in radio too, even if we have to go down an unconventional road to get there.
In my non-radio life, my time is spent reading, writing poetry, listening to hard rock and metal music and hanging out with my boyfriend. I will attend as many concerts as I can if given the chance. I have no pets but would be honored to have a service dog of my own one day, to help with my cerebral palsy. I also love movies and am always at the theater catching the latest flick.

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